LIONMAG – Inflight Magazine of LION AIR

Media Profile Majalah LIONMAG

Majalah LIONMAG, cover September 2013

Majalah LIONMAG, cover September 2013

Cover Majalah Lionmag - Juni 2013

Commercial Advertising

Lion Air, a successful fast development national airline, started with only airplane in 2000. Presently, about 12 years later, the company operates 81 units BOEING 737-900 ER, and 2 units BOEING 747-400, with all together more than 600 flights a day. The fleet includes 40 new planes of the type Boeing 737-900ER. The airline flies to many domestic destinations and has international flights going to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Saigon, Penang, Malaka, and Jeddah, Medina in Saudi Arabia. Lion Air became the airline company with the largest amount of domestic passengers in Indonesia.

LIONMAG, a lifestyle and traveling magazine, publishes monthly 65.000 copies that are distributed on all flights of Lion Air. More than 3.400.000 people, mostly belonging to the middle and high class, read the magazine every month.

Circulations and Distribution

LIONMAG is distributed monthly on all flight of Lion Air

Demography Reader

Gender : Male 65%, Female 35%

Marital Status  : Married 73%, Single 27%

Education Level : High School 20%, Academy 32%, University Degree 48%

Age : 20 – 65 year

Domestic : 93%

International : 7%

Readership : B – Up ( middle to high )

Print Run : 65.000 copies

Frequency : Monthly


LIONMAG  – The Inflight Magazine Of Lion Air –



“We are the biggest Indonesian magazine with the largest number of readers!”

Media Profile LIONMAG 2013
Majalah Lionmag, Majalah Lionair, Inflight Magazine, Majalah Pesawat
Readership l Demographic Data l Coverage Area of LIONMAG Inflight Magazine
Content Profile of LIONMAG Inflight Magazine
Pemesanan 234 Unit Airbus A320di Istana Elysee Paris Perancis
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Majalah Tiger Mandala – Inflight Magazine of Tiger Mandala

Tiger Airways - Tiger Mandala
Tiger Airways – Tiger Mandala

Media Kit 2013 / 2014

Majalah Tiger Mandala – Inflight Magazine of Tiger Mandala

About Tiger Tales

The Tiger Tales Indonesia magazine is another strong addition to the Tiger Tales stable. Taking its cues from the successful Asian and Australian editions of the publication, the new magazine will feature interesting and useful content drawn from destinations across the Tiger Mandala network and further afield. Articles are designed to appeal to a board range of readers with topics such as food and drink, hotel reviews and big city trends sitting comfortably alongside features that touch on everything from culture and adventure to conventional holidays. The magazine’s aim is to harness the brightest writing and photography talent in Indonesia and the wider region to produce a magazine that is at once readable and provides inspiration for travel.

Why Tiger Tales?

Vast domestic and international coverage of Tiger Mandala guarantees advertisers a domestic and international audience making it a preferable medium to communicate to their target audience.

Advertisers get undivided attention of the passengers as there are no other distractions onboard, thereby ensuring high recall brand

As Tiger Tales magazine is complimentary, advertisers enjoy extended exposure as traveler take it along with them on departure.

Majalah Tiger Tales Mandala
Majalah Tiger Tales Mandala

About Tiger Mandala

With domestic networks connecting the vast archipelago of islands that is Indonesia as well as regional connections to other parts of SE Asia, more people in Indonesia now travel more often, to agreater variety of destinations, for less with Tiger mandala. Coupled with Tiger Mandala’s unwavering focus on travel reliability and safety, multiple flight throughout the year is now the norm for leisure, as well as business travelers.


Frequency : Quarterly

Distribution : Every seatpocket

Reach : 485,000 pax per issue*

Circulation : 35,000 copies

*based on current flight schedule & everage passenger loads

SCHEDULES Majalah Tiger Mandala 2013/2014

Schedule Tiger Tales Mandala
Schedule Tiger Tales Mandala

Magazine Specifications (Majalah Tiger Mandala

Spesifikasi Majalah Tiger Mandala
Spesifikasi Majalah Tiger Mandala

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Majalah Tiger Asia – Inflight Magazine of Tiger Airways

Majalah Tiger Asia – Inflight Magazine of Tiger Airways

Majalah Tiger Asia - Inflight Magazine of Tiger Airways
Majalah Tiger Asia – Inflight Magazine of Tiger Airways

About Tiger Airways

With networks spanning Asia from Singapore, and domestic Australia, more people across Asia-Pasific now travel more often, to a greater variety of destinations, for less with Tiger Airways. Coupled with Tiger’s unwavering focus on travel reliability and safety, multiple flights throughout the year is now the norm for leisure, as well as business travelers.


Why Tiger Tales ?

Tiger Airways is the 2nd largest airline in Singapore in terms of passengers numbers, which means your advertising message will be read by a higher percentage of people giving you the best ROI for your advertising spend.

Vast regional coverage of the airline guarantees advertisers can reach specific markets in Asia making it preferable medium for them.

Advertisers gets undivided attention of the passengers as there are no other distractions onboard, thereby ensuring high recall brand.

The magazine is complementary means that your message will continue to be read and responded to even after our passengers deplane hence more value for your dollar.

“It has been a pleasure to work with Tiger Tales Magazine for the past 5 years. The content of the magazine is very informative as it gives readers an insight into destinations to travel to and places to see. We have been very happy with the response we have received from placing our ads n Tiger Tales Magazine.: ~  O.P Meena (Assistant Director, India Tourism Singapore)

Majalah Tiger Asia
Majalah Tiger Asia


Readership : 1.1 million per issue

Circulation : 70,000

Average read time : Minimum 36 minutes

Publised : Bi-monthly

Age group : 25 – 39


Male : 60 %

Female : 40 %

Type of Traveller

Leisure : 59 %

Business : 41 %

Occupation / Profession

Owners/Partners/Directors : 21 %

Professional Employment : 43 %

Other : 36 %

Magazine Specifications of Tiger Asia

Majalah Tiger Asia
Majalah Tiger Asia

Schedule Penerbitan – Majalah Tiger Asia

Majalah Tiger Asia
Majalah Tiger Asia

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JETSTAR Asia Magazine – Majalah Jetstar Asia

Media Kit 2013

JETSTAR Asia Magazine – Majalah Jetstar Asia

JETSTAR Asia Magazine
JETSTAR Asia Magazine


Beijing Taipei Yangon Bangkok Medan
Hangzhou Osaka (Kansai) Siem Reap Phuket Jakarta
Ningbo Hongkong Manila Penang Surabaya
Guangzhou Haikou Phnom Penh Kuala Lumpur Bali (Denpasar)
Shantou Hanoi Ho Chi Minh City Singapore Pert


JETSTAR Asia is based out of Changi Airport Terminal 1. Part of Jetstar Group, Jetstar Asia’s operation is owned by Qantas The Newstar Group. JETSTAR Asia was voted as Partner of the Year at the Changi Airline Awards & maintains its position in the 2012 Top 10 Airlines by Passengers Carriage in 2012 for the 6th year.

“Jetstar Asia is an effective channel for our marketing needs. It is sleek, informative, and interesting, so everyone picks it up and we get positive feedback from those who see our ads.”

Gaylene Levesque (Director of Marketing and Communications University of Nevada Las Vegas, Singapore)

Jetstar Asia Magazine is a must read for all pessengers onboard!

Frequency : Monthly

Print run : 45,000

Why choose jetstar asia inflight magazine in your marketing campaign:

Jetstar Asia Magazine offers advertisers an unparalleled opportunity to communicate with their target audience. Our readers are affluent, travel frequently, have high disposable income and make comfort and quality their priority when choosing to fly. The Jetstar Asia inflight environment gives advertisers the undivided attention of passengers with no distractions, thus delivering maximum impact for their brand! Furthermore as Jetstar Asia magazine is complimentary, advertisers enjoy extended exposure as travelers take it along with them on departure.


Readership per year: 5,342,000

Average income of audience: SGD85,000

Median age: 36


–       Digital file formats – adverts to be supplied on CD or by email.

–       If ad file is more than 7MB, please use this link www. Choose Sally Shee as recipient of file or Quickcut.

–       InDesign CS 3.0.1 is the preferred format, supplied with

any images used and must be CMYK, high resolution at 300 dpi and have all fonts included.

–       Pages must be created to include bleed when required.

–       Crop marks must be outside the bleed area. A 3mm off-set is recommended.

–       Files should not contain any TrueType or Multiple Master fonts, original JPEG images, or copydot scan elements.

–       Files must be supplied as single pages. Trapping – the creator should apply any trapping requirements if necessary but must be aware of the various application software limitations. The printer will not apply trapping.

–       MAC/PC TIFF, JPG and EPS files will be accepted. All images supplied must be CMYK, high resolution

at 300dpi. All fonts, images and logos must be embedded.

–       High resolution PDF files will also be accepted.

–       All fonts, images and logos must be embedded.

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Travel 3SIXTY Magazine – Majalah Pesawat Air Asia

Travel 3SIXTY Magazine – Majalah Pesawat AirAsia

AirAsia 2013
AirAsia 2013

Frequency : Monthly

Language : English

Print Order : 45,000 copies

Readership : >3,200,000 per month (That’s over 35 million a year!)

Publication : First of each month

Mid Level Executives (30yrs – 45yrs) > 8m a year

Senior Citizens (Over 55yrs) > 6m a year

Mature & Affluents (45yrs-55yrs) > 5m a year

Youths (12yrs-16yrs) > 3m a year

Under 12yrs >2m a year

Teens (16yrs-20yrs) >1m a year

Majalah AirAsia 2013
Majalah AirAsia 2013


  1. Language : Travel 3SIXTY is an English publication. Adverts must be 90% in English, with the main text in English
  2. Text Heavy Adverts: Any advert that has text or copy covering 30% of the FPFC must come with the label ‘Advertorial’ on the top of page.
  3. Colour and Visuals: adverts must be attractive. Travel 3SIXTY is a regional magazine and adverts must be of a quality that is acceptable across the region. The editor reserves the right to remove unsightly adverts prior to publication.
  4. Dimensions & Specifications: FULL PAGE PRINT, Bleed: 220mm (W) x 286mm (H). Trimmed:  210mm (W) x 275mm (H), Text : 190mm (W) x 225mm (H)
  5. Deadlines: Booking deadline 6 weeks prior to publication. Creative deadline at least 4 weeks prior to publication. Please check specific dates with our sales staff

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Majalah COLOURS – Garuda Inflight Magazine

Take a quantum leap with Garuda

Colours - Majalah Garuda Indonesia

Garuda Indonesia is in the midst of an aggressive expansion programme code named “Quantum Leap” that has already resulted in a complete top-to-toe relaunch,  a massive investment in new aircraft, and accreditation with a 4-star rating for the quality of its services. A 5-star  rating is sure to follow.Passenger numbers are set to reach 24 million in 2013 as the airline continues to increase traffic by 30% a year. As Garuda reaches a fleet strength of 116 aircraft over the next two years the number of flights will grow to over 400 a day serving  a total of 62 domestic and international destinations.

Colours - Majalah Garuda Indonesia

Colours – Majalah Garuda Indonesia

The New In-Flight Magazine COLOURS

With the airline’s drive to achieve a 5-star rating the in-flight magazine had been completely redesigned and repositioned to offer each and every passenger a truly first class reading experience.

From March 2013 passengers can enjoy editorial and photographic content that grabs their attention from page one with rewarding articles of real value to a domestic and international readership.

It is available in the seat pocket on all flights and in the executive lounges. It is also sent to members of the frequent flyer programme. A separate version of the magazine is produced specifically to appeal a passengers traveling to the Middle-East.

As the national flag carrier Garuda is charged with serving and expanding the domestic route network across the whole of the Indonesian archipelago flying to 33 local destinations. With 80% of passengers flying on routes within the country the in-flight magazine offers advertisers the unique opportunity to reach and influence large numbers of local consumers as well as widening market penetration among international passengers.

In-Flight Advertising (Garuda Magazine – COLOURS)

The key benefits :

* Reaches a high volume readership of 2 million passengers a month

* Offers the opportunity to influence 1.6 million local consumers each month

* Captive readership with greater attention paid to commercial messages

* Reaches high spending consumers in the mood to buy

* Each flight offers an opportunity to engage with a new and fresh audience

* Credible alternative to other local magazine and newspapers.

Quick Facts

Annual Passenger Numbers

Year 2013/2014 = 26.0 million (est) — increase +30%

Year 2012/2013 = 20.0 million (est) — increase +30%

Year 2011/2012 = 15.4 million — increase +35%

Year 2010/2011 = 12.8 million

Estimated Passengers by Destination for 2013

Domestic 19.2 million, International 4.8 million, TOTAL 24.0 million

Colours - Majalah Garuda Indonesia

Colours – Majalah Garuda Indonesia

The magazine is published monthly and is available in the seat pocket.

BATIK – The Inflight Magazine of Batik Air

BATIK – The Inflight Magazine of Batik Air

Media Profile 2013

BATIK - The Inflight Magazine of Batik Air
BATIK – The Inflight Magazine of Batik Air

Magazine Specification 

Majalah LIONMAG, cover September 2013

Majalah LIONMAG, cover September 2013

Size : 220 (w) x 300 (h) mm closed

Pages : 100 inside pages + 4 cover pages

Language : Indonesian, plus English article

Material : 230 gsm art carton (cover) laminated,

120 gsm art paper (contents)

Advertising Size

* Full Page = 220mm x 300mm

* Spread Pages = 440mm x 300mm


* Restaurant, Hotel, every Pilots of Lion Group (Lion Air, Batik Air, Wings Air, Malindo Air, Lion Bizjet

Content Profile

SPECIAL : Each issue focuses on a certain region and analyses it in the perspective of culture, arts and tourism, while trying to unfold the indigenous wisdom that became the basis of the region’s development.

TRAVELLING : Day trips to beautiful places, unique and exciting, can become unforgettable memories. Mountains, forests, beaches, towns and rural atmosphere or just walk along the old city are immortalized in words and pictures in this column.

LEISURE & LIFESTYLE : Various details can affect a person’s life style. In this section we find reviews of enjoyable places such as restaurants, cafes, and hotels, and reviews related to hobbies like reading and watching movies.

DESTINATIONS : The column “destinations” discusses one particular place with a variety of interesting viewpoints related to history, customs, culture and other unique details. This rubric will enrich your experience and knowledge.


Majalah Pesawat BATIK AIR (Cover Juli 2013)

Inflight Magazine BATIK AIR (Cover Juli 2013)

Batik Air Magazine - Juni 2013 (cover)
Batik Air Magazine – Juni 2013 (cover)

“25.000 copies of the magazine are distributed for free to 1,500,000 Batik Air passenger-readers.”

BATIK is part of a group publishing with :

LIONMAG – The Inflight Magazine of Lion Air

WINGS Inflight Magazine

Eat Stay Leisure – The Inflight Directory

Cubbo – Inflight Kids Magazine of Lion Air

Lion Group (Magazine)
Lion Group (Magazine)

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