Majalah COLOURS – Garuda Inflight Magazine

Take a quantum leap with Garuda

Colours - Majalah Garuda Indonesia

Garuda Indonesia is in the midst of an aggressive expansion programme code named “Quantum Leap” that has already resulted in a complete top-to-toe relaunch,  a massive investment in new aircraft, and accreditation with a 4-star rating for the quality of its services. A 5-star  rating is sure to follow.Passenger numbers are set to reach 24 million in 2013 as the airline continues to increase traffic by 30% a year. As Garuda reaches a fleet strength of 116 aircraft over the next two years the number of flights will grow to over 400 a day serving  a total of 62 domestic and international destinations.

Colours - Majalah Garuda Indonesia

Colours – Majalah Garuda Indonesia

The New In-Flight Magazine COLOURS

With the airline’s drive to achieve a 5-star rating the in-flight magazine had been completely redesigned and repositioned to offer each and every passenger a truly first class reading experience.

From March 2013 passengers can enjoy editorial and photographic content that grabs their attention from page one with rewarding articles of real value to a domestic and international readership.

It is available in the seat pocket on all flights and in the executive lounges. It is also sent to members of the frequent flyer programme. A separate version of the magazine is produced specifically to appeal a passengers traveling to the Middle-East.

As the national flag carrier Garuda is charged with serving and expanding the domestic route network across the whole of the Indonesian archipelago flying to 33 local destinations. With 80% of passengers flying on routes within the country the in-flight magazine offers advertisers the unique opportunity to reach and influence large numbers of local consumers as well as widening market penetration among international passengers.

In-Flight Advertising (Garuda Magazine – COLOURS)

The key benefits :

* Reaches a high volume readership of 2 million passengers a month

* Offers the opportunity to influence 1.6 million local consumers each month

* Captive readership with greater attention paid to commercial messages

* Reaches high spending consumers in the mood to buy

* Each flight offers an opportunity to engage with a new and fresh audience

* Credible alternative to other local magazine and newspapers.

Quick Facts

Annual Passenger Numbers

Year 2013/2014 = 26.0 million (est) — increase +30%

Year 2012/2013 = 20.0 million (est) — increase +30%

Year 2011/2012 = 15.4 million — increase +35%

Year 2010/2011 = 12.8 million

Estimated Passengers by Destination for 2013

Domestic 19.2 million, International 4.8 million, TOTAL 24.0 million

Colours - Majalah Garuda Indonesia

Colours – Majalah Garuda Indonesia

The magazine is published monthly and is available in the seat pocket.


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